New tenants

We hope you will be very happy in your new home.

As your landlord, Hastoe is responsible for managing your property. We work with our partners to make sure that our services are of a high standard and of good value.

When you move in, please read through this page to explore what we can do for you. You can also find out about your rights and responsibilities.

  • Your tenancy agreement

    When you signed your tenancy agreement, you made a legally binding agreement with us. You agreed to accept the responsibilities and keep to the terms of the agreement. To meet your responsibilities we expect you to:

    • pay your rent
    • look after your home
    • behave appropriately
    • be a responsible householder.

    Different tenancy agreements give you different rights. If you’re unsure, please contact us and we will check what type of agreement you have. 

    Your responsibilities

    Hastoe's responsibilities

    Read our tenancy policy 

  • Paying your rent

    Your rent is payable in advance. It is due on the first day of each month. Your rent covers:

    • the cost of providing the building
    • the cost of maintaining the property
    • our management costs.

    It is very important that you pay your rent. We take non-payment of rent very seriously and you could lose your home. We offer free money advice for any residents who are worried about their rent or other financial responsibilities.

    Your rent and charges

    Money advice

  • Contacting us

    There are lots of ways that you can get in touch.

    You can contact us via MyHastoe or via a form sent from this website. We will see your query on the day it is received.

    We aim to sort out your query at the first point of contact. If we can’t deal with it straight away, we will let you know the steps we will take to put it right and when. We will make sure you are happy with the way we handled your contact.

    Contact us

  • Visiting our offices and visiting your home

    To visit our offices in person it’s important that you ring our customer services team to make an appointment first. This will help us to make sure that the right person is free to assist you.

    You can visit our offices by appointment between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. We will offer a private interview area for confidential enquiries. On request, we can provide or arrange interpreting facilities.

    We can also arrange to visit you in your home by appointment. Our staff will always carry identification with them. We will provide that identification on arrival at your home.

  • Respecting your neighbours

    Everyone has the right to live peacefully in their home and community. As per your tenancy agreement, you must not take part in any antisocial behaviour. This includes domestic abuse and harassment. We take antisocial behaviour very seriously. We will do our best to help resolve any problems you may be facing with your neighbours.

    Dealing with antisocial behaviour

    How to report antisocial behaviour

  • Domestic violence & harassment

    If you are the victim of violence or feel threatened by violence please contact the police.

    To report domestic violence or harassment in or around your home please call us on 0300 123 2250

    If you have concerns about a neighbour's wellbeing please contact us to talk to one of our Customer Service Advisors in confidence.

    Read more

  • Pets and animals

    If you live in a house, bungalow or ground floor flat with access to your own garden you can keep one dog or cat without asking our permission. You must seek permission for more than one pet. If you live in any other type of property, please contact us.

    Residents must make sure that any animal they keep does not cause a nuisance or distress to others. The pet must not damage our property.

    Keeping pets in your home

    Animal nuisance

  • Using the premises

    When renting a Hastoe home you must:

    • live in the property as your main or only home
    • not allow any illegal activities to take place in it or from it
    • get our written permission if you want to run a business from your property
    • let us know if you wish to take in a lodger. Some tenancies do not allow lodgers so you will need to check what your agreement says
    • not sublet (or rent out) your home.
  • Works to your property

    It is important that your home is kept in good repair. You can read more about your rights and responsibilities for getting repairs done in our repairs section.

    If you wish to carry out a change or improvement to your home you should contact us to get written permission.

    We can also provide advice and information about aids and adaptations to help you live more independently.


    Aids & adaptations

  • Ending your tenancy

    If you decide you want to end your tenancy with us, you must give at least one month’s notice. The notice must be in writing. In certain circumstances, it may be possible to pass your tenancy on to another member of your family. You may also be able to apply for a transfer or a mutual exchange.

    How to end your tenancy

    Moving on

Moving in 

When you move in 

When the last tenant has moved out we will carry out general repairs and maintenance to make sure that it meets our Lettings Standard before you move in.

It is important to move in to your new home at the start of your tenancy. If not, we may think that you no longer need it or that you have abandoned the property.

If you are eligible for Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, you may not be entitled to them when you are not living in the property.


We want you to be happy and comfortable in your new home. You can decorate it however you wish. In some circumstances, a decoration allowance is available at the start of your tenancy. If you are eligible, your Housing Officer can provide more details.  

Shared areas 

It is your responsibility, along with the other tenants living there, to keep shared areas secure, clear and free of possessions and refuse.

Communal areas have cleaning and gardening contractors who maintain them on a regular basis. You will be told about these when you sign your tenancy agreement.

Please note all our internal communal spaces are no smoking areas.

Visiting you after your tenancy begins

Within the first six to ten weeks of your tenancy, a Housing Officer will offer to visit you at your home. They will check:

  • that you have settled in and are not having any issues
  • that all repairs we agreed when you accepted the tenancy have been carried out
  • that no further repairs are needed
  • that you understand the conditions of your tenancy
  • that you don’t have any problems paying your rent
  • if you need to update your contact details.

If you have any questions before your Housing Officer visits you please get in touch.


Costs of running a home

As well as your rent, there are a number of expenses that you are responsible for. These include:

  • Council Tax
    Contact your local council.
  • Gas
    To find out who supplies your gas, call the meter number helpline on 0870 608 1524.
  • Electricity
    To find out who supplies your electricity, contact your local electricity distribution company. 
  • Water
    Your water provider is based on where you live and cannot be changed. You can ring Water UK to find out who your provider is on 020 7344 1844.
  • Telephone
    The phone line should have been disconnected before you moved in. To connect the phone, you can contact British Telecom. Once you have a BT line, you can decide which company you want to provide your phone service.
  • TV licence
    You can ring the TV Licensing Company on 0870 241 6468 or go to
  • Internet
    There are many different internet providers, it is up to you to decide which one is best fit for you. You can use an internet comparison service which tells you about different options and price ranges.
  • Insurance
    There are two types of household insurance policies. Buildings insurance protects against damage to the structure of your home together with its fixtures and fittings. Home contents insurance protects you against damage or loss of your belongings.

    Hastoe arranges buildings insurance, and will repair any structural damage caused to your property, such as water damage. Please note, laminate flooring is not covered under building insurance.

    You must arrange your own home contents insurance to cover your possessions. Any damage to your contents will be your responsibility. A contents policy covers just about everything you own in your home. This includes furniture, furnishings, household goods, kitchen equipment, televisions, video, computers, audio equipment, clothing, personal belongings and valuables up to certain limits.

Contact us

If you have any other queries about your home or tenancy please get in touch.

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