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We provide affordable homes to rent across the south of England

If you would like to rent a Hastoe home, or the home of another housing association, you should register for housing with the local authority in the area you want to live.

Find my local authority

What happens next?

Once you’ve registered for housing through a local authority, you will be put into a band based on your level of need. Priority within each band is determined by how much time you have spent within that band.  

Most of our homes are let through local authorities' choice based lettings systems to help give you more of a say in where you are housed. Vacant properties are usually advertised through their website or in local newspapers, and you can bid for the properties you are interested in.

Not every local authority has a choice based lettings scheme and they all operate in slightly different ways. Please get in touch with your local authority for more details about how the scheme works in the area where you want to live.

Eligibility to apply

To be eligible for one of our rented homes you must be in housing need and unable to find a suitable home on the open market.

Housing need includes:

  • Living in overcrowded conditions
  • Living somewhere that doesn’t meet the Decent Homes Standard or lacks basic amenities
  • Having a short term agreement that can be terminated in less than 12 months
  • Having been accepted as statutorily homeless by the local authority
  • Being at risk because your present accommodation is unsuitable for your needs or those of someone living with you
  • Being unable to benefit from economic, social or community support, and which is available close to one of Hastoe’s homes
  • Having to spend a disproportionate amount of time commuting to work or to fulfil other responsibilities
  • Being in circumstances which force you to live apart from a partner or other members of your family who would otherwise live with you
  • Being adequately housed with family but needing to set up home independently for the first time
  • Being unable to afford to buy a home outright but capable of paying intermediate or sub-market rent.

If you think you're eligible, you should apply for housing through your local authority.

Looking for a home to buy?

We also offer new homes that are available to buy outright or through shared ownership. If you're looking for a home to own, visit our Sales website today.

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