Residents are not allowed to keep any animals that, in our opinion, may cause nuisance or disturbance to anyone in the local area, including our employees and contractors.

Residents must make sure that any animal they keep does not cause a nuisance or distress to others or damage our property.

We will take enforcement action against any tenant who:

  • Has not got our permission to keep their pet(s)
  • Has our permission, but does not look after their pet or pets properly
  • Has let their pet cause nuisance or distress to people living nearby.

If a neighbour’s pet causes nuisance to you or you think it is not being well cared for, you should report your concerns to your local Area Housing Manager. However, if you think a pet is being deliberately mistreated, you should first report your concerns to the RSPCA Animal Cruelty Hotline on FREEPHONE 0870 55 55 999.

If you do complain about a neighbour’s pet, we will acknowledge your complaint in writing, let you know the name of the Area Housing Manager investigating your complaint and how long it will take – in most cases this will be within 14 working days.

Types of nuisance

Straying and fouling
Excessive noise
Flea & vermin infestation
Pets that are or could be aggressive

If you continually allow your pet or pets to roam and stray unattended, or allow them to foul and do not immediately remove and dispose of the mess, then you will get a written warning that you must put things right immediately. If you fail to do so, we will take formal action against you for breach of your tenancy agreement. This could mean you have to re-home your pet or face possession proceedings to end your tenancy.

If pets, in particular dogs, cause noise nuisance by barking, howling or scratching, you must do your best to stop them doing so immediately. You can get help and advice from a vet or dog warden. If the problem persists, we will take action for breach of the tenancy agreement and you may have to re-home the pet or face possession proceedings to end your tenancy.

All tenants must keep their home clean and tidy so as not to cause a nuisance or endanger health. If you fail to keep your home clean, tidy and free from animal mess, fleas or vermin, you must put things right immediately and seek any help you need. However, if the problem persists, we will take action for breach of the tenancy agreement and you may have to re-home your pet or face possession proceedings to end your tenancy.

If we think your pet may threaten, frighten or harm other people and stop them going about their business or enjoying their home, you must put things right at once. You should seek advice from a vet, dog warden or other expert. If you cannot keep the animal under control, or where we think a particular type or breed of animal is inappropriate to where you live, we will tell you to re-home the pet or you may face action for breach of tenancy, which could lead to possession proceedings to end your tenancy.

Tenants will be in breach of their tenancy agreement if they: 

  • Allow pets to wander unattended in communal areas, landings and walkways
  • Allow pets to urinate or foul in communal areas
  • Fail to keep dogs on a lead in communal areas.

The Animal Welfare Act 2006

Any tenant who chooses to keep a pet takes full responsibility for its care, welfare and behaviour. There are laws in place to make sure that if you keep a pet you care for it properly, such as ensuring it has a suitable place to live, is given the right food to eat and is protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease. Read more at

Irresponsible pet owners will not be allowed to keep pets in their Hastoe home, and will lose any right or permission they may have had in the past.

Any tenant neglecting or abusing their pet will be reported to the RSPCA.

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