Repairs to your home

We are responsible for carrying out a number of repairs to your home, including those to the water, gas, heating, hot water and power supplies. There are some repairs and small jobs to your home that, under the terms of your tenancy agreement, you are responsible for.

Residents can report a repair in a number of ways, but before you do please:

  • Check whether you are responsible for the repair as it may be that you need to carry it out yourself
  • Read through the information on this page to familiarise yourself with our repairs process
  • Have as much information as possible to hand when you call or email us.

How to report a repair

  • What happens when you report a repair
    • We will assess the repair
    • We will discuss the repair with you
    • We will put the details onto our computer
    • We will tell you how quickly we will deal with the repair
    • We will arrange the repair
    • We will place an order with a contractor or, if necessary, we may arrange for someone to visit your home to assess the problem before placing an order. If it is an emergency, we will ask you to stay at home until the contractor arrives. For urgent and routine repairs, our contractors will contact you direct to arrange a suitable appointment.
  • Repairs appointments

    We offer appointments for non-emergency repairs, and our contractors will phone you to make arrangements. It is important that you keep appointments or let us know in advance if you are unable to.

    How to prepare for your repair appointment:

    • Let us know if you are hard of hearing or if you will take time getting to your door
    • Arrange for a responsible adult (someone who is at least 18 years old) to be at home on the day of your appointment to allow the contractor into your home and to stay in while the repair is being done
    • Make sure your prepayment meter for electricity or gas is in credit. Contractors may need to use these to carry out checks
    • Put away any breakable or valuable items so they don’t get accidentally damaged.

    We will tell you if you need to move or protect any furniture, or if you need to take up floor coverings, such as carpets or laminate. You should do this before the contractor arrives. If you are having difficulties arranging this, please let us know.

    When the contractor arrives:

    • Check their identity card. Before you let anyone into your home you should check their identity card to make sure they are genuine. If they are calling to carry out a repair service or inspection, you can also ask to see their work instructions
    • Keep your children safe while work is being done and keep any pets you have in your home out of the way
    • You should stop smoking before our contractors and staff arrive and not smoke whilst they are in your home. They must have a smoke-free environment to carry out the work.

    For some repairs, the contractor may use the first appointment to measure for materials. They will then arrange with you a suitable time to come back to do the repair.

    In bad weather we will always make things safe but contractors may not be able to carry out repairs to the outside of the building. This is for their own safety.   

    Contractors working in your home must:

    • Show respect for you and your home at all times
    • Treat all details about you in confidence
    • introduce themselves and show you their identity card
    • Show consideration to the needs of disabled and vulnerable tenants
    • Explain what they are going to do and how long they expect it to take
    • Close doors and gates when coming in and out of your home
    • Make sure that the materials and tools they use, including scaffolding and controlled substances, do not cause danger to anyone in your home
    • Protect your belongings from damage, dust and paint
    • Make sure that electricity, water and gas are connected at the end of the day
    • Clear rubbish they have produced from your home at the end of each working day.

    Contractors are not allowed to:

    • Smoke, drink alcohol or play radios
    • Use mobile phones, unless it is to deal with matters relating to the work
    • Move your belongings without permission and without you being present
    • Receive gifts (including money) from tenants or members of the household
    • Be left in your home alone
    • Keep keys to your home
    • Carry out private work for you.

    Also, they must ask your permission to:

    • Use any of your belongings, such as ladders or chairs
    • Use your phone
    • Use your toilet or go into other rooms in your home
    • Take their lunch break in your home
    • Use your electricity supply.
  • Emergency repairs

    Repairs are considered an ‘emergency’ where there is either a risk to someone’s life or a risk of serious injury if not repaired immediately, including repairs that cannot wait until the next morning.

    An emergency repair will be dealt with as quickly as possible. We expect tenants to remain in the property, if safe to do so, and that access will be given to our contractors.

    The contractor who visits may only do the necessary work to make your home safe. This will mean that a follow-up visit is necessary on another appointment to finish the repair. If you call out a contractor for non-emergency repairs you may be recharged if those repairs are not deemed an emergency.

    What to do in an emergency 

  • Repairs service monitoring

    We monitor the performance of all our contractors to ensure they are providing a good service. Your feedback is very important to us, and we will send you a text shortly after the repair has been carried out to see if you are satisfied with our repairs service.

  • Your Right to Repair

    If we fail to carry out certain repairs without good reason or with the prescribed timescales, you have the right to carry out them out and claim the back money from us. You must have our permission before you start work.

    This is known as your Right to Repair. There is a procedure you need to follow if you want to do this. The scheme is complicated and it is best if you seek guidance from Citizens Advice or your solicitor first. We will not make any payment unless you have our permission in writing.

    For more details of the scheme please contact us.

  • Planned home improvements

    We carry out a programme of planned works to maintain and improve our properties. This work can include the replacement of kitchens, bathrooms, windows, roofs, improvements to energy efficiency and external decoration.

    When an inspection is due, we will always contact you well in advance and we will always consult you before any works are carried out in your home.

    Later this year we are aiming to providing tenants with easy access to information about when inspections will take place. This information is not yet available but when it is you will be able to find it easily by logging into your MyHastoe account.

How long will my repair take?

When you report a repair we will discuss the problem and decide how quickly we will deal with it. We group repairs into response time categories. The times are measured from the date you report the problem to us.

We may need to look at a problem before repair work can be ordered. We do this by appointment within the response period.

Repairs timescales

Priority 1 - Emergency
Priority 2 - Urgent
Priority 3 - Routine

We will attend (to make the situation safe) within 4 hours and do the work within 24 hours. This is for repairs to remove immediate danger to people and avoid flooding or major damage to the property. For example, loss of heating (between the months of October and April), blocked drains, or total loss of electricity or water. We will usually only do work to make the situation safe at the first visit and carry out a full repair, if required, at a follow up appointment.

We will arrange an appointment and do the work within 10 calendar days. This is for repairs such as loss of heating during the summer months (May - September) or hot water, as well as minor leaks from a water pope, tank or cistern.

We will arrange an appointment and do the work within 28 calendar days. This is for all other repairs where the problem does not cause immediate inconvenience or present a danger to occupants or the public, but should not wait for planned work.

Frequently asked questions

What if I can only be in at certain times?

  • When you report a repair please let us know what times of day are convenient for you. If you can’t be in during our contractors’ normal working hours, you could arrange for a neighbour, relative or friend to wait in for you. This person must be a responsible adult and must stay in the home while the contractor does the work.

What if I can’t keep an appointment?

  • If you can't make an appointment, you will need to contact the contractor directly to rearrange. 

    If you are not in when the contractor comes to do a repair, they will leave a card telling you that your repair has been cancelled. You'll need to call us again if you still want to have the repair carried out.

What if I can’t carry out my responsibilities?

  • You must take care of the inside of your home and do certain repairs. If you are elderly or disabled and have no one who can help you with these repairs, we may be able to help you or put you in touch with organisations that can help. Sometimes, for reasons of safety or security, we have to carry out repairs that are your responsibility. Where this is the case, we will charge you the full cost of the repair. Please contact us if you need further help or advice.

Do I have to pay for any repairs?

  • If damage was caused by you or someone in your home (or police forced entry), we expect you to repair it or arrange for someone to do it for you. If a repair is the result of a break in or vandalism, we will only carry out work to make your home safe.

What standard of service can I expect?

  • We will respond to repair problems in an efficient and helpful way. All repairs are carried out by our contractors who are committed to working to a high standard of workmanship. Anyone working in or around your home must follow certain rules of behaviour.

Do you check the quality of the repair work?

  • We carry out regular checks to make sure that we are providing a good standard of service.

    We also rely on you to let us know what you think of the work we do. To do this, we will send you a text shortly after the repair has been carried out. Please complete the short survey to let us know your views on our service.

Can I make suggestions about the service?

  • We welcome your comments on the services we provide. Although we aim to get our services right, there are times when things go wrong. We also hope that you would like to tell us when we are doing things right. Your feedback is important and helps us to improve our services.

    You can provide your feedback in a number of ways:
    - Contact us by phone or email 
    - Send us your feedback
    - Through MyHastoe, the online resident portal

Can I claim for damage to my property?

  • If damage was caused by our contractors, you need to report the problem to us. You are responsible for all other damage, for example accidental damage. You should take out home contents insurance to help you pay for this.

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