Repairs Handbook

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This 50-page handbook tells you what Hastoe can cover in a repair, what you need to repair for yourself, handy hints and tips and instructions for what to do in an emergency.

Changes to repair priority timescales

Surveys of residents have shown that people think it is more important that appointments are kept and that repairs are completed on the first visit than it is for them to be done within the shortest amount of time. In response to this we are planning to amend our repair target times as shown in the table. As you can see, the target standard for dealing with emergency repairs remains unchanged and we will continue to aim to make safe within 4 hours and complete the repair within 24 hours. The change comes with urgent and routine repairs, which often require a bit more planning and co-ordination of the correct spare parts.   

repairs chart


The advantage of this revised approach is that:  

  • Contractors can make more efficient use of their travel time by combining trips to jobs in the same parts of their region 
  • It should be possible to arrange more mutually convenient times for appointments 
  • Contractors can spend more time ensuring they have the correct spare parts on board so they can complete as many orders as possible on the first visit. 

Although contractors will be allowed longer to complete the repairs, we do not believe that this will mean an equivalent increase in the time taken to complete work. Currently the average time to complete orders is 9.6 days. Our target for this is 9 days, which is in line with the targets in the sector as a whole. We will continue to monitor and report the average time to complete repairs. 

We will also monitor the impact of these changes on residents. We will do this through our outbound repairs texting service. Every resident with a mobile phone should now be receiving a repairs satisfaction survey text when his or her repair has been completed. We would encourage as many of you as possible to respond to these texts. We will call all dissatisfied residents within forty eight hours.

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