Our repairs responsibilities

We are responsible for carrying out a number of repairs both inside and outside of your home, as required. These include those to the structure of your home, facilities in shared areas, the water and gas pipes, the heating and hot water system, and the power.

If you need us to carry out a repair you must let us know as soon as possible and take action to prevent it getting worse. You must also allow us access to the property to carry out any necessary repairs, annual safety checks and inspections.

  • Outside your home
    • We repair and maintain the structure and outside parts of the property you live in, such as gutters and roof tiles, the main path leading to your front door, and any fittings or facilities in shared areas, including stores, garages and car parking areas. We are no longer responsible for mending or replacing garden fences. We will only carry out necessary work to make fences safe.
  • Inside your home
    • We are responsible for all water or gas pipes up to the meter (beyond the meter is the responsibility of the water or gas provider). We are also responsible for the heating and hot water system, drains, power and circuits, ceiling and wall plaster, and any items originally put in by us such as baths and toilets.
  • Safety checks and servicing
    • By law, we must carry out a gas safety check once a year in all our properties that have a gas supply. This is to make sure that all the gas appliances, fittings or pipework we provide are safe for tenants to use.
    • You must allow us in do the safety check and servicing. If you don’t, we will take you to court, and this will involve costs that you will have to pay for.
    • Other safety checks and servicing:

    Stair Lifts


    Oil Safety


    Periodic Electrical Testing

    Every 10 Years



    Solid Fuel


Your responsibilities

There are some repairs and small jobs to your home that, under the terms of your tenancy agreement, you are responsible for. Before you report a repair please check whether you are responsible as it may be that you need to carry it out yourself.


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