Have you got home contents insurance? Find out why it's important and how to get it. Home Contents Insurance: Why do I need it?

Storms, gales and heavy rain

Whether it's strong winds or heavy rain, there's something you can do to prepare for stormy weather. Taking preventative measures now will help you avoid the need for a repair.

  • Loose garden items

    Do you have loose items in your garden?

    Move any outdoor appliances or garden furniture into a shed or garage and then lock it.

    If this isn't possible, tie the loose items down. Secure anything that could be swept away by the wind, such as greenhouses, plant pots and wheelie bins.

  • Trees and falling branches

    Have you had your trees checked or trimmed recently?

    Maintaining the health of trees on your property can prevent dead branches from damaging your home's exterior. They could break windows during severe rainstorms.

    Look out for fallen trees, tilted trees or broken branches. If the branch or tree is on Hastoe’s land, please tell us.

    If the tree is on your local authority's land then you will need to tell them.

    If the tree is on your own land, you will need to contact a qualified professional for help and advice.

  • Fences

    Have you noticed a damaged fence (falling/tilting) next to a public footpath or road?

    Please let us know straight away via MyHastoe or call us. We may not be able to come right away depending on the severity of the storm. 

    If it is safe to do so, try to secure the weak point by propping it up. If not, leave the fence and do not put yourself in danger. 

    If the fence has already blown over please move it to a secure place. Only move it if it is safe to do so. 

  • Roof leaks

    Have you checked to see if you have any roof tiles missing?

    Roof slates and tiles can become loose throughout the year and this could lead to leaks through the winter. If you notice any slipped tiles, please tell us via your online MyHastoe account or call us straight away.

    In a storm we are not able to use ladders so we will not be able to fix your issue right away. You will need to use a bucket to catch any water until it is safe for a contractor to visit.


  • Blocked gutters

    Do you have trees are in your garden that are your responsibility to monitor?

    To avoid a build-up of leaves in the guttering, the best thing to do is to deal with your trees before winter. This helps to avoid snow building up on the trees, which increases the risk of broken branches. Get a qualified professional to advise you and deal with the trees.  

    Have you noticed a damaged tree in Hastoe's communal land? 

    Don't wait until winter to call! Report it on MyHastoe now or call us.

    Have you noticed any vegetation (soil and plants) in your gutters?

    If you have, please report it on MyHastoe or call us.

    Do you live around trees with dropping leaves that are blocking gutters?

    Please wait for the leaves to stop dropping, then report any blocked gutters on MyHastoe.

    Is your guttering broken?

    If your gutter is broken, report this on MyHastoe. If water is coming inside the property then we will make this a priority. In a storm, we are not able to use ladders so we will not be able to fix your issue right away. 

  • Flooding

    Have you spotted any water build-up?

    If you notice any blocked road drains near your house, please report this to your local council.

    Make sure you are keeping gullies on your property clear throughout the year. This will help water to drain properly in heavy rain.

    If you notice flooding of a sewage system on Hastoe's land, please call us immediately.

    In the event of a flood inside your house, please call us

    Sign up for flood warnings in your area here.

    Hastoe does not supply sandbags. Your local council may provide some. Please check their website to find out. 

    A variety of sandbags and flood-proof products are available for sale. The Blue Pages Directory provides more detail to help you decide which product is right for you. 

    You may wish to check your buildings and contents insurance policy to see what cover it provides for flood damage. 

  • Doors and cars

    Have you protected your property?

    Close and securely fasten doors and windows. Double-check those on the windward side of the house. Make sure large garage doors are also secure.

    Park vehicles in a garage, if one is available. If not, keep vehicles clear of buildings, trees, walls and fences.

  • Home contents insurance

    Have you got home contents insurance?

    No matter how careful you are, there’s always a risk that your belongings could be broken or damaged. Home contents insurance can help give peace of mind. 

    Find out how to get it.

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