Police praise Hastoe for quick action to protect a tenant

Thames Valley Police has praised Hastoe Housing Association for its quick response and diligent partnership working to protect a tenant in Buckingham.

When Hastoe learned that one of its residents was being abused by her lodger and the lodger’s partner, the Housing Team quickly began to investigate. After receiving statements from the tenant and her neighbours, who corroborated the claims, they moved swiftly to obtain anti-social behaviour injunctions against the perpetrators that same day. With the assistance of the Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team, Hastoe served the injunctions on the lodger and the lodger’s partner and they were ordered to leave the property that evening.

As a Police Service we are proud to serve and protect our communities, and working with other agencies such as Hastoe is integral to this.”

Acting Inspector Clare Farrow Thames Valley Police

Ahead of serving the injunctions, Hastoe had obtained a statement from the tenant describing the abuse by her lodger in the form of controlling behaviour and financial exploitation. It was also claimed that the tenant’s property was being used for drugs by the lodger and her partner, and that they were often fighting and causing disturbance to neighbours. Hastoe’s Housing Team received statements from the neighbours, who corroborated the reports of disorder and late night disturbances.

Hastoe worked in partnership with Thames Valley Police to protect a tenant in Buckingham (L-R: Sergeant Dave Kuttner, Lesley Fowler of Hastoe Housing Association, and Inspector Clare Farrow)

At a hearing on Monday 3 August, the County Court ordered for the injunctions against both perpetrators to remain in place for 12 months. The former lodger and her partner were served with injunction orders banning them from entering the street where the tenant lives, as well as engaging in threatening, aggressive or violent behaviour. They are also forbidden from contacting or communicating with the tenant, and handling or taking her money.

Hastoe, which is continuing to provide support for its tenant, is pleased the court has recognised the seriousness of this issue.

The safety of our residents is Hastoe’s top priority. This is an exceptional piece of work by our housing team and the local police to protect a vulnerable tenant from abuse and exploitation. Their quick response has put an end to a dangerous situation for our tenant, and enabled her to live in a safe and secure home once again."

George Parkinson, Operations Director Hastoe Housing Association

Clare Farrow added: “Thanks to some diligent work by Hastoe’s Housing Team and the Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team we are delighted that the court has awarded injunctions which will give us the powers to protect the victim from further exploitation.”

Hastoe takes antisocial behaviour seriously. Everyone has the right to live peacefully in their home and community, and we expect our residents and anyone in their household to respect each other and their neighbours. We will take action if our residents or their household do not behave appropriately, cause nuisance to others or act in an antisocial way.

If you are experiencing antisocial behaviour in your home or neighbourhood, you can find out more about how we can support you and how to report it.

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