Hastoe CEO, Andrew Potter, article on land reform for more and better quality rural housing

Andrew Potter contributes to Shelter publication, Grounds for Change, on how land reform can help deliver more, and better, affordable housing in England.

In his article, Andrew explains how the rural exception site model helps to release land at low levels for new rural housing because the sites must be prioritised for new affordable housing for local people (not open market homes). 

He argues that these principles could give a clue to how policymakers can deliver more quality, affordable homes across England. He writes:

"When Aneurin Bevan was Minister for Housing, he said to a conference of rural authorities in 1946:

‘While we shall be judged for a year or two by the number of houses we build, we shall be judged in 10 years’ time by the type of houses we build’.

The same is true today. A focus on securing land at lower values will help to deliver the quality, energy efficient and affordable housing that Rural England badly needs." 

The full article and publication can be read at this link

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