Right to Home: Rethinking Homelessness in Rural Communities

Research from the IPPR, commissioned by Hastoe, on the hidden crisis of rural homelessness. Published July 2017.

Research commissioned by Hastoe from leading think tank - the IPPR – has exposed the hidden crisis of rural homelessness.

Downlaod report here.  

Usually considered an urban phenomenon, rural homelessness is getting worse, with over 6,000 rural households becoming homeless last year and record numbers of rural families in bed and breakfasts.

In response, Hastoe – the leading rural specialist housing association – is calling for policy makers to recognise the specific challenges of tackling homelessness in the countryside and take action to provide targeted advice and support.

The research,: Right to home? Rethinking homelessness in rural communities, published in July 2017, finds that:
  • In 2015/16, 6,270 households were accepted as homeless in England’s 91 mainly and largely rural local authorities, with one-fifth of all homeless cases occurring outside of England’s most urban areas;
  • Between 2010 to 2016, predominantly rural local authorities recorded a 42 per cent increase in rough sleeping;
  • Many cases of homelessness in rural areas go undetected, with people more likely to bed down in alternative countryside locations. Similarly, difficulties accessing local authority services can mean households aren’t counted in official records.
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