What to do in the event of a storm or strong winds

From roof tiles, to trees and fences, find out what to do in the event of damage in a storm

As we approach winter, we are likely to experience more severe weather than the rest of the year, often bringing plenty of wind and rain. Here are our Team's handy tips that will help you know what to do in these situations:

If it's likely to be a windy day, please check that any items in your garden are fastened down or moved into somewhere you can store them for a short period of time.

If you have a power cut, please check with your local electrical provider first if this is a local cut or just specific to your property.

A quick test to see if this affects more than just you, is to ask your neighbours if they have power. If it is at night, check if the street lights are working. If your neighbours lights don’t work and there are no street lights, then this is likely to be an issue with your supplier. Please report these issues straight away to your electrical provider.

If the power cut is specific to your property, then you can check your fuse board to see if this can be reset. You will normally notice one of the switches in the opposite direction to the rest. You can reset this by moving the switch to the opposite direction. If this keeps on happening then please check where this switch relates to e.g. the kitchen. If this relates to a specific room, then please turn off all appliances in the room and turn the switch back on. You can then turn on each appliance one at a time and if the trip switch goes again then your appliance might be causing this issue. A quick test is to put this appliance in a plug socket you know works and if it trip the fuse board then you appliance is the issue.

Please check to see if any tiles on your roof have dropped or broken in the event of a storm or high winds. You should report these straight away to us and we will arrange for these to be fixed when it is safe to do so. Some roofing may require scaffolding for us to reach the area and these jobs are easier when it is not raining or windy. A job may take longer than normal as it might not be safe for the operative to fix the issue in windy circumstances.


If there is a tree in your garden, to avoid damage to your home, please check it all year round. It is a tenant's responsibility to maintain and arrange for work to be carried out

If there is a tree near your property, then please check who owns this land. If the tree is on communal ground that Hastoe maintains then please do let us know straight away. If this tree is not on Hastoe's land, then please contact your local council or the land owner.


If any fencing gets damaged, please check your tenancy agreement to see if the fence is your responsibility. It is always worth checking your fencing regularly to see if a post or fence panel is wobbly and to get the issue fixed before it has a chance to get worse. 

If we have a storm and your fence does come down, before contacting us please check who is responsible for the fence. We are likely to have lots of calls, so if the fence has fallen down in your garden and it is Hastoe's responsibility, then please report it to us via your MyHastoe account. In the meantime, we would advise you not to use your garden until we have been able to come out and fix the damage. If this has fallen over onto communal land, then please let us know straight away. 

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