Gas safety

If you suspect a gas leak, call National Grid’s Gas Emergency on 0800 111 999.

  • Do not smoke
  • Don not turn any light switches or electrical equipment on or off
  • Open all the doors and windows
  • Turn off the gas supply at the meter
  • Check if a gas appliance has been left on or a pilot light has blown out

Annual gas service

Faulty gas appliances can give off poisonous carbon monoxide. This gas cannot be seen or smelt, but can kill in just a few hours. For your own, and your neighbours safety, you need your gas pipe work and heating appliances checked every year.

  • Tenants: Hastoe has a legal duty to make sure all our appliances are checked every year by properly qualified gas engineers. Our contractors will get in touch with you to arrange for this work to be done. It is a condition of your tenancy that you must allow our contractors access to your home to carry out this work. This free annual appointment takes about an hour. If you don’t provide access you will be in breach of the conditions of your tenancy. If we cannot gain access after several attempts, we will take legal action to gain access to your property and carry out the work. Your gas supply may be disconnected. You will be charged for the cost of the legal action and if we have to force entry to your property you will also be recharged for fixing any damage caused.
  • Leaseholders: As a leaseholder it is your responsibility to have your gas appliances serviced regularly. It is recommended that your appliances are checked every 12 months by a gas safe registered engineer. For gas safety advice and a list of registered engineers, visit the Gas Safety Register website.

Providing access

  • Make sure your gas meter can be easily reached. It should not be covered by boxing, furniture or other items.
  • Please also make sure you have credit available on your gas meter.

What if I have a problem with my gas meter?

Gas meters are the responsibility of your supplier. We cannot carry out repairs or maintenance to your gas meter. If you are having a problem with your gas meter, you should contact your supplier to report the fault.


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