Lettings Standard

What you can expect from your home

Hastoe is proud of the quality of the homes we provide to rent. Our Lettings Standard explains what you can expect when you move into your rented home with us.

Please note that some of the works may be done after you move in. These will be lower priority repairs and will be completed within 21 days. 

This standard has been shaped by Hastoe residents.

  • Inside your home

    Your home will be:

    • Free of rubbish, including the roof space
    • Free from damp and mould growth.

    In addition:

    • All internal doors and door handles will be in place and correctly fitted
    • All windows will be secure and will open and close easily with glazing intact. Ground floor properties will have locks to windows
    • All floors will be sound, level and in the case of kitchens and bathrooms they will have a slip-resistant finish
    • Where they exist, stairs will be safe, free from major defects and provided with a secure handrail.
  • Gas and electricity

    We take the safety and comfort of you and your family very seriously when it comes to gas and electricity.

    • All rooms will have appropriate socket outlets and at least a single lighting pendant. These will all be in sound condition
    • A NICEIC electrical check will be carried out. If any issues are identified full repairs will be undertaken
    • Where a gas supply is present a gas test will be carried out and a landlord’s gas safety certificate provided to you for your information
    • The heating system will be in good working order
    • All smoke detectors and emergency alarm equipment will be tested. Your home will have a hard wired (mains) smoke detector
    • An energy performance survey will be carried out and you will be provided with the results.

    Gas safety advice

  • Kitchens and bathrooms
    • Plumbing and drainage will be free from leaks and in working order
    • Where possible washing machine valves and waste outlets will be installed
    • All hand basins, sink units, showers and baths (where provided) will be clean, with a plug, chain and taps in good working order
    • All walls adjacent to baths and hand basins will be provided with an intact splash back and have an effective seal. Showers and baths (where provided) will be tiled and sealed
    • Kitchens and bathrooms will be adequately ventilated with fans (where fitted) in good working order
    • There will be an adequate hot and cold water supply in the bathroom and kitchen
    • The kitchen will have space for a cooker and a fridge or a tall fridge/freezer. Where there is sufficient space within the kitchen, there will be plumbing for an automatic washing machine. You will be responsible for connecting the washing machine and arranging for the cooker to be connected by a competent person
    • There will be a double base unit, a double wall unit and there will also be two power points and a cooker point. The kitchen fixtures and fittings will be clean, safe and in good working order
    • Work surfaces will be provided with an intact tiled splash back.
  • Asbestos

    We will complete an asbestos check before you move in.

    Asbestos safety



  • Decoration

    All walls, woodwork and ceilings will be in a good condition and ready for you to decorate. In some instances we will offer you decoration vouchers to help with the cost of decorating your new home.

    If you are elderly or disabled you may be entitled to have part or all of your home decorated. Please contact your Area Housing Manager for more information and advice.

  • Cleaning 
    • Walls will be cleaned down and free of cobwebs, blue tack, sellotape, posters, etc
    • Kitchen units, work surfaces, cupboards, drawers, and the sink will be thoroughly cleaned
    • All bathroom fittings, for example, toilet, bath, sink wall tiles and floor covering will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
    • Internal surfaces such as window frames, door and door frames, radiators, skirting boards will be washed down and left thoroughly clean
    • All stairs, steps and floors will be swept, mopped and left clean
    • All internal and accessible external windows will be cleaned.
  • Outside your home

    Your home will be structurally sound and safe:

    • The roof will be weather tight, drainpipes and guttering will not be blocked and will be water tight
    • All external doors will be secure and fitted with locks and you will be provided with a full set of keys
    • Your garden will be free from rubbish and broken glass and all boundary walls or fences will be secure. Overgrown lawns, shrubs or trees will be trimmed
    • External surfaces will be free from graffiti
    • Pathways, steps and external handrails (where provided) will be secure and safe
    • Out buildings joined to the property will be free of rubbish safe and water tight. Free standing sheds are gifted to the tenant and become their responsibility
    • Where fitted, rotary driers and washing lines will be in working order.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about your home please get in touch.

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