Willingale, Epping

Proposal for 12 new homes

Public consultation event 

We held a Public Consultation on 27 March 2024 in Willingale Village Hall. The Development Team at Hastoe presented a proposed affordable housing layout and answered questions on the day. Representatives from Epping Forest District Council and our Housing Team at Hastoe attended to assist those people interested in one of the new homes.

This page presents all the information from the in-person consultation. An online consultation for those unable to make the event will be held for one month to allow feedback on the proposed affordable housing layout. If you would like to make any comments on the information provided as part of the online consultation, please email your comments to eastdev@hastoe.com before 30 April 2024.

Housing need

In 2023 Willingale Parish Council carried out a Housing Survey with Rural Community Council of Essex to determine the level of need for housing across all tenure types in the parish. The aim of this survey was to understand the existing and future needs for Willingale residents including family members (not necessarily living in Willingale) and other members of the household. The study was also designed to understand Willingale’s current housing stock and whether this is affordable to local people.

The key findings of the report was from 77 completed surveys (37% return rate), and 10 households responded with a current need. Our aim for the consultation is to gather more up-to-date information so we can ensure our proposal meets these needs.

Our Proposal 

We are proposing to build 12 new homes on the site. Ten of these will be affordable with a mix of affordable rent and shared ownership homes. Two will be market sale homes. The homes range from one-bed bungalows to three-bedroom houses.

We will be constructing the homes to our Hastoe New Build Standard. This is a fabric first approach going above the 2025 Building Regulation standards by 20%, including Air Source Heat Pumps and electric charging points.

The in-person consultation held on Wednesday 27 March was to discuss the outline scheme and to consult with the community on our site so we can take this into account as we progress the development into a Planning Application.

Local connections 

We are proposing to develop on a site outside of the village boundary under the Rural Exception Site Planning Policy. A Rural Exception Site can only be delivered if a local housing need can be identified within the local area and any new homes will be restricted to prioritise the residents/former residents of Willingale. 

The Affordable Dwellings for Rent are to be allocated to a person (nominated by the Council in line with its Allocation Policy) who is considered by them or it to be in need of such accommodation and unable to compete in the normal open market for property. Before nominating an applicant the Council will be satisfied that the applicant:

  •  Has continuously lived in Willingale for the preceding 3/5 years, OR
  • Has continuously had a principal place of work in Willingale for the preceding 3/5 years, OR
  • Has parents or close family (i.e. mother, father, son or daughter) who are over 18 and who have lived in Willingale for the preceding 3/5 years.

If there are no persons who qualify under the above the Affordable Dwelling shall be allocated to person nominated by the Council who:

  • Has continuously lived within 10 miles of the Site for the preceding 3/5 years, OR
  • Has continuously had a place of work within 10 miles of the Site for the preceding 3/5 years, OR
  • Has parents or close family (i.e. mother, father, son or daughter) who are over 18 and who have lived within 10 miles of the Site for the preceding 5 years.

Rent levels

Affordable rent can be set to 80% of the market rent for any area but prefer to explore Local Housing Allowance rent levels which are much lower and more suitable to a household on an average income. The selection of the rent levels for this site will be confirmed during the planning application with Epping Forest District Council. The proposed rent levels in Willingale (Feb 24) are 1 bed £690 per month, 2 bed £790 per month and 3 bed £870 per month.

Interest in a home

A Housing Need Survey was completed in 2023 and we gathered more feedback on housing need at the Public Consultation.

If you have or know anyone with a housing need and you/they meet the criteria, please contact us at eastdev@hastoe.com. We ask anyone interested in one of the homes to complete a Housing Interest Form so we can guide them through the process and keep them informed of our progress.

Next steps 

  • April 2024 - Online consultation event
  • May to August 2024 - Detailed design
  • May to August 2024 - Onsite surveys
  • September 2024 - Consultation on our proposals pre-planning application
  • October 2024 - Planning Application submission
  • April 2025 - Planning Determination
  • September 2025 - Start on site
  • January 2026 - Estimated completion
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