Buildings insurance

Learn more about our buildings insurance policies and how to make a claim

When you buy your home we automatically provide you with different types of buildings insurance which you pay for through your service charge. However, we do not insure your personal belongings. Therefore, you are responsible for arranging your own home contents insurance. Having this type of insurance means your possesions are protected if they're broken, stolen or damaged. We’ve partnered up with Thistle Tenant Risks, and Ageas Insurance Limited who provide the My Home Contents Insurance Scheme – a specialist Tenants Contents Insurance policy.

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Buildings insurance protects against damage to the structure of your home, together with fixtures and fittings. The two main policies that you may need to claim from are the Property Combined policy and the Property Owners Liability policy. 

Summary of the buildings insurance cover

Property Combined Insurance Policy

With this policy cover is provided for loss or damage to your home as a result of specific insured events. Insured events include fires, lighting, explosions, storms, floods, malicious damage (e.g. smashed windows, arson), accidental damages, theft and subsidence.

For example you could make a claim if:

  • A leak from your house or another property has caused damage to the interior of your home.
  • An accidental fire damages parts of your home.

Property Owners Liability Insurance Policy

If you or a member of the public was injured or damage was caused to you or a member of the public’s property by your Hastoe home, you can make a claim from the Property Owners Liability policy.

For example you could make a claim if:

  • A roof tile from your home falls and hits someone on the head.
  • A  roof tile from your home falls and damages a car parked on the driveway below.
  • A tree on your land has blown over and caused damage to your or your neighbour’s fence.

To make a claim the injury or damage to property has to have been caused by a Hastoe property, and not as a result of your actions.

Making a claim

If you need to make a claim for damage or for an injury please contact our insurance provider Protector Insurance directly.

Protector Insurance will then liaise with yourself and Hastoe to resolve your claim.

How to make a claim

You’ll need to call or email Protector Insurance as soon as possible. Our policy number is 1056901-2.2 and you can find their contact details below.

When making a claim you'll need to provide as much information as possible, such as the following:

  • Cause of the damage (where it's possible to identify).
    • Has the cause been rectified, for example if there is a water leak, has the water been stopped.
  • Description of damages.
    • How many rooms have been affected?
    • What has been damaged - walls, ceilings, or flooring?
  • Where possible please take photos of the damage.
  • Date of loss/incident.
  • Were there any third parties involved in causing the damage?

Please provide any crime reference numbers or emergency service details where applicable.

You’ll need to provide contact details when reporting a claim to Protector Insurance, so they can contact you throughout the claims process. 

Please note that you’ll have to pay a standard £50 excess fee for claiming on your property insurance. However, for subsidence claims you’ll have to pay £1000. Hastoe is not responsible for paying the excess on this policy. 

There is no excess payable by you for liability claims against Hastoe.

Contact Details

You can report a new claim by calling 0161 274 9077 which will take you through to a dedicated claim line or alternatively you can email


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