Environmental sustainability

Rural innovation

Hastoe is committed to protecting the climate in all we do.

When developing new homes, we have adopted innovative, green approaches to building new affordable homes. We build homes to AECB Building Standard as a minimum - reducing overall CO2 emissions by 70% compared to the UK average.

We are also the leading provider of rural affordable Passivhaus homes, having delivered over 150 affordable Passivhaus homes across the south of rural England. We aim to have at least one Passivhaus development on site at any given time.

For our existing properties we have developed and adopted our own 'Hastoe Green Homes Standard'. We understand the massive impact that fuel poverty has on people, especially for those living in very rural areas where there is limited access to mains gas, and we work to support our tenants. Our retrofit programme provides a mix of new technologies such as Solar Photovoltaic Panels and Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps as well as improved insulation to combat this. So far we have retrofitted over 400 homes and have saved residents on average £200 per annum on their energy bills. The standard also includes measures around water use, recycling, waste and the provision of advice and support.

We also seek to enhance biodoversity and the natural landscape through our Hastoe Orchard - a virtual orchard consisting of over 2,000 indigenous fruit trees gifted to residents to plant in their gardens or communal spaces. This ongoing project also involves local schools and community groups, bringing people together to share the produce.

Our approach to sustainability is detailed in documents that can be downloaded from the right-hand side of this page.