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Sharnbrook development


Established by the Sutton Dwellings Trust in 1962, Hastoe now owns and manages over 7,500 homes in over 70 local authority areas. Our homes are spread across the south of England from Norfolk down to Cornwall. After almost 30 years of supporting rural communities, we are the leading specialist rural housing association. We specialise in providing sustainable, affordable homes to enable local people to remain within their communities.

Hastoe Housing Association is the charitable parent of four subsidiaries: development company Hastoe Homes; bond issuer Hastoe Capital; and open market sale company Lowen Homes.

You can find out more about Hastoe's history in our History of Hastoe guide, which looks at how Hastoe became the organisation it is today. You can read this and more in the relevant documents to the right of this page or in our various publications.