Research by Hastoe aims to help residents save money


Does understanding how we perform in relation to others help us change our behaviour? This is the topic of a major research study being undertaken by Hastoe and 13 other housing associations throughout the United Kingdom.  

The National Energy Study is investigating energy use in homes and how much more energy can be saved when residents are better informed about their energy use. Thestudy will monitor energy use and help residents save energy in over 500 homes from October 2013 until March 2014. The outcomes will help the sector to cut energy use and fuel bills.

The research and analysis is being undertaken by Sustainable Homes and is supported by ROCKWOOL.

Sue Chalkley, Chief Executive at Hastoe, said:

“Hastoe is committed to tackling fuel poverty, which is an ever-growing concern for our residents, especially those in rural areas who are often away from the gas network. Research such as this is important and it will beinteresting to see what the outcomes are.”

Gregory Barker, Minister of State for Climate Change, commented:

“How people use energy in the home has a significant impact on their energy use.   Research is needed in this area, particularly with the context of rising energy bills.  I am delighted to see Sustainable Homes focusing on helping people to save energy in their homes with the National Energy Study. I look forward to the results of this research.”