Cutting edge eco project at Gaymer Memorial Cottages, Attleborough is local and national achievement

15 July 2011

George Freeman MP officially opens Hastoe’s “Retrofit for the future” project today at no. 4, Gaymer Memorial Cottages, Station Road, Attleborough.

“Local resident Mrs Lawrence has been living in her fully retrofitted eco cottage for over two months now, she has been a fantastic member of the team and was crucial to this projects’ success” says Anne McLoughlin, Operations Director at Hastoe. “We intend to thank Mrs Lawrence and our project team today for making such valuable contributions.”

“This retrofit project has been a true opportunity to learn, through the testing of low carbon technologies on a post-war cottage property. So many homes, with very little insulation and poor heating systems, exist here in the UK and in rural areas in particular, fuel poverty is a real problem."

“This eco refurbishment has proved that energy efficiency savings can be made and the carbon footprint of existing homes reduced. It has also shown that projects like this should include the resident view from the start and tackle any design and layout problems – those that can only help to improve the quality of life for the person living there.”

The official ceremony starts with an afternoon tea for guests before viewings inside the retrofitted cottage.   George Freeman MP will cut the ribbon and plant an apple tree to link to the cottage’s cider producing heritage at 4.15 pm.

Mrs Lawrence, current resident of the property commented:
“I have been involved in this project, right from the start and it has been very exciting. I saw the cottages being built in the 1940s and never imagined that I would see them upgraded in this way. I think that it is fantastic that the retrofit has provided me with a warmer, more efficient home that is kinder to the environment.”

No, 4 Gaymer Memorial Cottages was chosen for the retrofit in 2009, and achieved funding of £150,000 from the government-backed Technology Strategy Board in 2010 as part of the “Retrofit for the Future” national competition. It was one of 87 successful bids.

Hastoe worked with ECD Architects to design and implement the retrofit. Some of the innovations used in the project include advance insulation products known as ‘spacetherm’ as well as heating and hot water via an air source heat pump and solar panels. The project has cut carbon emissions by 92% and is predicted to save Mrs. Lawrence around £800 per year.

Hastoe is now using the lesson learnt, and innovations like the air source heat pump, to upgrade the remaining three cottages in the terrace.

Regional contractor Roalco was selected to complete the works, which started in October 2010 and concluded in March 2011. Roalco have kindly contributed to the cost of the day’s event.

Alan Potter, Managing Director of Roalco added:
“Our environmental ethos has worked hand in hand with Hastoe’s clear commitment to protecting the environment and improving the quality of homes to benefit the lives of the residents.
Along with our waste partners, we were able to green the project further and divert 78% of the build refuse from landfill. Some of the parquet flooring from the retrofitted home was recycled at a village hall in Suffolk!”

The project will be monitored for two years by the Energy Saving Trust to determine its success and the results will be shared to help the affordable and private sector retrofit their homes to meet energy efficient standards.

A dedicated blog charting the progress of the retrofit can be found at

For more information please contact: Rebecca Beaumont on 020 8973 0437 or
  •  Housing represents 27% of the UK’s total carbon emissions and the Government has set a target for an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050.
  • Around 60% of heat in our homes is lost through the roof and walls.
  • ECD Architects is a London based, award winning architectural company specialising in the design of high quality, low energy and low environmental impact buildings. Originally founded in 1980 to combine architectural practice with energy research and consultancy, their expertise in environmental and social architecture has culminated in over 100 successfully completed projects for Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Developers throughout the UK. For further information with regard to ECD (Energy Conscious Design) please visit the website:
  • Roalco is an ‘all trades’ property maintenance company fully accredited, to ISO 9001 – Quality, ISO 14001 – Environmental and OHSAS 18001 – Health & Safety Management. Roalco provides service delivery as Principle Contractor to more than 40 Clients throughout London, East Anglia, South and South East England and South Wales.
    Roalco directly employs over 200 men and women covering all aspects of property maintenance and repair, carrying out in the region of 8000 response repair orders each month and refurbishing more than 3000 properties per year;