Over 8,000 UK residents respond to national landlord survey


Earlier this year we invited our residents to take part in a national study by HouseMark to understand how residents engage with research and surveys carried out by landlords.

Over 8,000 residents of 20 landlords across the UK, including Hastoe, took part in the study, making it one of the largest resident consultations activities carried out in recent years.

HouseMark has now released the results of the survey, in which residents shared their thoughts on what matters most to them, how they prefer to provide feedback on the services they receive and what they want their landlord to do with the results.

The top three findings from the research were:

Residents have a clear desire for their voice to be heard - they want their landlords to listen and show they care.

Landlords should report satisfaction results to residents and be clear what they will do about them. 

A quality home, value for money and great customer service are the most important issues for residents. 

You can read more details about the results of the survey here.

HouseMark will now use the residents’ feedback, along with additional research from both residents and landlords, to design a new customer satisfaction framework.

The findings are currently being analysed and proposals for the framework are expected to be released by HouseMark later this month.

Thank you to all Hastoe residents who completed the survey - your feedback will help shape the future customer satisfaction framework.