Land - The Key to Housing Hampshire's Rural Communities

From Hampshire Alliance for Rural Affordable Housing


Join us for breakfast to hear how to turn your land into an asset for you and your community. Find out how you can help ensure our villages thrive economically and socially by providing affordable homes for local people. You will hear about: 

  • The support available from HARAH, the most successful rural housing provider in Hampshire
  • The options available for developing your land
  • What you can expect in return
  • Tax advice on providing homes
  • Who we house

HARAH is a partnership of the 6 Hampshire rural Local Authorities, 5 rural specialist housing association developers, 2 National Parks, the county council, Action Hampshire and Homes England. HARAH has provided over 400 rural homes to date, housing over 1,400 residents with strong local connections to their communities, for more details regarding HARAH and our partners please click here:

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