Hastoe reacts to the General Election result

The General Election 2017 has resulted in a hung parliament with no one party achieving the majority required to form a Government.
Hastoe Group Chief Executive Sue Chalkley said: “After an election with no specific housing promises to those in rural areas, the new Government must prioritise policy which will consider and address the unique challenges of housing in the countryside.

“We need solutions that guarantee a steady supply of affordable homes are available for those families and young people in our villages who are being priced out of their communities – and more and more for the growing number of older people in rural England who have so few options open to them when they are struggling to cope at home.

“This is why it is vital that funding remains for rural housing associations who are best placed to work with communities directly to provide the affordable homes that they need and want.”

On commitments to help tackle homelessness

“To be homeless is a profoundly disabling experience and an increasing one (see the work of the Homes for Cathy group to help eradicate homeslessness). We need passion and energy from Government on this more now than we ever did.

“The manifesto commitments from most parties to reduce rough sleeping in this next parliament was welcome but now is the time to transform these pledges into a reality.”


On a new Housing Minister

“I am very sorry that we have lost our Housing Minister Gavin Barwell. He listened, understood and had good plans for people who need homes. We hope that whoever takes on this portfolio will bring the same level of energy, passion and thoughtfulness to this challenging brief and that rural communities, one fifth of our population, will be an integral part of the housing strategy.”


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