Wimbish Housing Development Officially Opened

Hastoe Housing Association officially opened a new rural affordable housing development for the local people of Wimbish on Monday, 19th of September.

The scheme at Munson Mill Close was opened by Wimbish Parish Cllr Mike Young and the Rt Hon Sir Alan Haselhurst MP. It comprises eleven homes; eight for affordable rent and three for open market sale. Every home is built to the Passivhaus energy efficiency standard, which means that the running costs will be very low for occupants. As an example, heating bills in a three-bed house on Hastoe’s first Passivhaus scheme in Wimbish are around £125 per year.

Hastoe and Wimbish Parish Council are particularly proud of this scheme because it is the second Passivhaus scheme in the village and will be held in perpetuity for local residents, thus helping families to stay living in their home community.

Passivhaus is a familiar concept on the continent but less so in the UK and Hastoe is pioneering its delivery in this country. It is particularly relevant in rural communities which often have no mains gas and are dependent on oil and electricity for fuel.

Speaking about the scheme opening, Sue Chalkley, Hastoe’s Chief Executive said: “We are delighted to be, once again, delivering much-needed affordable homes for local people in Wimbish. This must be a first – two Passivhaus scheme in one village. This is very exciting and means that Passivhaus is becoming second generation and well established.

“Affordable homes like these, which are also energy efficient and low cost to run, allow people who live or work in our villages to continue to contribute to their communities, bring their children up in security and see the village thrive into the long term.”

Wimbish Parish Cllr Mike Young said: “The rapid rise in house prices and rents has meant that many of the younger generation have been excluded from properties in villages. This development helps to redress that situation and restore an essential balance in the community. It also means that some of the younger generation who grew up in the village, but had to move out, now get the opportunity to move back closer to their families.

“The previous Hastoe project exceeded our expectations by making sure that Wimbish was the first village in the country to get a development built to Passivhaus standards. Hastoe have now, once again, exceeded all our expectations by building to Passivhaus standards and making Wimbish the first village to get two such developments.”



Notes to Editors

For more information please contact Tom Platt on 020 8973 0437 or tplatt@hastoe.com

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