Hastoe Group signs up to take on diversity challenge

Hastoe Group, already a Leader in Diversity, has signed up to the CIH 2020 diversity challenge.
In a report launched tomorrow (Thursday 25 June), the Chartered Institute of Housing’s Presidential Commission on Leadership and Diversity is making a series of challenges to the housing sector. The report calls on housing organisations to sign up to and deliver against 10 challenges by 2020, and Hastoe Group has been amongst the first to sign up.

The challenges include:


  • Setting an aspirational target for board recruitment from under-represented groups
  • Publishing diversity-related data on the composition of their boards, executive teams and total workforce every year
  • Identifying and providing mentoring and coaching opportunities for staff and board members
  • Challenging all staff (and external agencies) responsible for recruitment to ensure that all shortlists include appropriate candidates from under-represented groups


Sue Chalkley, Chief Executive of Hastoe Group, said:

"Diversity is at the heart of Hastoe’s values and the way we work. We already do a lot of great work, as shown by our achievement of Leaders in Diversity status in 2014, but there is always more we can do.

“As a sector, we know that we have a long way to go to diversifying our leadership, and I’m very proud that Hastoe is amongst the first housing organisations to sign up to the CIH’s challenge.

“The case for diversity has already been made – this isn’t another tick box exercise. Diversity is about recruiting talent from the widest backgrounds we can and making sure that talent is well recognised in the industry. Signing up to the challenge will make sure we recruit and retain the best leadership and do the best we can for the communities we serve.”

The commission was set up last year by then-CIH President Steve Stride to examine ways to improve the diversity of housing industry leaders.

Organisations can find out more and sign up to take the 10 by 20 challenges at www.cih.org/leadingdiversityby2020

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