What we do

In 2012 the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), the Government department responsible for the regulation of social housing providers, introduced a requirement for Housing Associations to involve residents in the co-regulation of their businesses. In response to this requirement, Hastoe has set up a Tenant Panel.

There many different tasks that a Tenant Panel can undertake when working with their landlord and Hastoe has agreed that our Tenant Panel has the following role and responsibilities to residents.  

The role of the Hastoe Tenant Panel is:

  • To monitor and scrutinise Hastoe’s customer services.
  • To select two areas of housing related services for in depth scrutiny and review per year.
  • To review consumer related performance indicators on a quarterly basis.
  • To report back to Hastoe on the monitoring and scrutiny work.
  • To contribute to Hastoe’s complaints procedure, by being the recognised ’designated person’ 
  • To help to shape Hastoe’s customer services.
  • To work on behalf of all Hastoe’s residents and ensure that the decisions taken by the panel are in the best interests of residents and Hastoe.

Our role as Hastoe's 'Designated person'  
Hastoe has chosen to have the Tenant Panel as its 'Designated person' as part of their complaints procedure. It is because of this that we are unable to get involved in individual complaints and if you have a concern, please contact Hastoe directly.

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