Hastoe Orchard

Fruit orchards are important sources of local food and contribute to biodiversity, and in 2010 we launched the Hastoe Orchard scheme to offer free fruit trees for our residents to plant in their gardens or communities.

Since we opened the orchard, we have had a fantastic response and residents have now planted well over 1,300 fruit trees in their gardens or community areas, including apple, pear, cherry, plum, and quince trees. If you haven't had a Hastoe Orchard tree before and would like to request one for delivery (from a choice of eating apple, cooking apple, pear, plum or cherry), please contact the Hastoe Hub on 0300 123 2250 or email customerservices@hastoe.com.

So that more residents can benefit, we are now offering a maximum of one tree per household, subject to availability. We supply varieties which readily cross pollinate or are self-pollinating so the trees should produce a good crop. Trees are usually about 6ft to 10ft tall when delivered and grow to about 13 ft. Don’t forget that fruit trees need bees to pollinate them so plant bee-friendly plants in your garden or on your patio too.

Hastoe Orchard - children with trees

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