Finding a home for rent

Letting our homes 

Hastoe provides good quality and affordable sustainable homes across the South of England. We are committed to working closely with local authorities to help them to meet their responsibilities to house those in greatest housing need. This is also fundamental to our own Lettings Policy.

Eligibility to apply

In order to be eligible for one of our properties applicants must be in housing need, and be unable to find a suitable home on the open market. Some of the things that help decide whether someone is in housing need are that they:
  • live in overcrowded conditions
  • live in a property that falls short of the decent homes standard or lacks basic amenities
  • occupy a property on a short term agreement that can be terminated in less than 12 months
  • have been accepted as statutorily homeless by the local authority
  • are at risk because the present accommodation is unsuited to the needs of the applicant or someone living with them
  • are unable to benefit from economic, social or community support which the applicant or someone living with them needs, and which is available close to Hastoe’s development
  • spend a disproportionate amount of time commuting to work or to fulfil other responsibilities
  • are in circumstances which force them to live apart from a partner or other people or members of the family who would otherwise live with them
  • are adequately housed at home with family but needing to set up home independently for the first time
  • are unable to afford outright purchase but able to pay intermediate or sub-market rent.

Applying for a home

If you want to live in a rented Hastoe home you should register for housing with the local authority where the property is located.

Find your local authority 

Most of the areas where we have homes have a choice based lettings (CBL) system in place to give applicants more of a say in where they are housed. Once you register on a list, you are put into a band according to your level of need. Priority within each band is determined by the length of time in the band on the list.

Vacant properties are advertised through newspapers, websites, information sheets or telephone hotlines and you then "bid" for properties you are interested in. If you meet the lettings criteria for the scheme (for example, for some properties you need to have a local connection to qualify) and you are at the top of the list, you will normally be shortlisted for the vacancy.

Not all local authorities have CBL schemes and they all operate in slightly different ways. Your local authority can give you further details of the schemes which operate in the area where you want to live.

Gypsy and Traveller site pitches

Hastoe provides a Gypsy and Travellers site in West Walton, West Norfolk. If you are interested in applying for a pitch on the site please print the application form here and return it as directed on the form. Our allocations policy for the site can be found here. More information about the site can be obtained by contacting Hastoe on 0300 123 2250.
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