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Briefing Papers

Please find below the latest briefing papers, by calendar month.

December 2019 Away Day Presentations
Asset Management Strategy
Corporate Plan
Development Standards Review
Financial Implications
Risk & Stress Testing
Stock Condition & Investment Planning
Urban Stock Appraisal

June 2019
Design Standard Presentation

January 2018
Universal Credit Briefing

December 2017
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion update 

October 2017
Tenant Empowerment Strategy update 
Risk Maturity Survey results 2017
Crisis Communications Manual
Sector Risk Profile 2017

February 2017
Revised Asset Management Strategy 2017-2020

November 2016 
Executive Team presentation 

Mazars presentation 

Altair presentation
External Perception Audit  

October 2016
Moody Credit Opinion 2016
Sector Risk Profile 2016 

July 2016
Risk Maturity Survey results 2016

May 2016
EU referendum briefing from National Housing Federation

Housing and Planning Bill update
Group Structure Working Party update

April 2016

MPRAP minutes - 14 April 2016

March 2016
MPRAP minutes - 11 March 2016

February 2016
Response to CLG proposed planning changes

MPRAP minutes - 16 February 2016

December 2015  

October 2015
Working residents on low income 
Dashboard for website

Risk Maturity Survey
HCA - Sector Risk Profile

July 2015
Executive Team Presentation - 30 July 2015

Summer Budget Board briefing one
Summer Budget Board briefing two

June 2015
Green Doctors Programme 2014-15

May 2015:

September 2014:

May 2014:
Investors in People (IIP) - Hastoe achieves GOLD standard
Risk Management
 (a guide for housing association Board members)

February 2014:
Countering Fraud
(a guide for housing association Board members)
Please note: The NHF provided this document asread-onlyin accordance with the terms of the Digital Licensing Agreement signed on behalf of Hastoe.
Welfare reform update

January 2014:
Land Review

Bernard Herridge - Somerset Village Agents

Shift Silver 2018 Investors in People Positive About Disabled People Passiv Haus Trust