Exchange homes

A transfer is when you move to another home owned by us. You can usually only transfer if your circumstances have changed and your existing home is no longer suitable for your needs. For example, your family might have grown and you no longer have enough bedrooms. Or, you might want to move if you have a job in a different area from where you live and transport is difficult.

To be accepted for a transfer you have to have a good tenancy record. This means that your rent account must be up to date, your home in good condition, and there must be no history of anti social behaviour or any other management issue.

We don't keep a transfer list to register for a move we recommend that you apply to go on the local authority housing waiting list. This gives you access to a far wider range of properties than just Hastoe’s. For more information about transfers in your area please contact Hastoe Hub on 0300 123 2250, or speak to your Area Housing Manager.

Mutual exchange
A mutual exchange is when two or more tenants, housing association or local authority, swap homes by legally assigning their tenancies to each other. This means that you pass on your tenancy to the person moving into your home and take over their tenancy for their home.
We have registered with which is free for you to use to help you find people to swap with.  Most local authorities and housing associations keep an exchange list that can be viewed at their office. There are other websites available but many charge for this service.
For more details please read the "Moving on" section of the handbook - you can open or save the file in the relevant documents section of this page

PLEASE NOTE: Many of our rural properties have a Section 106 planning restriction on them which means the person you wish to exchange with would need a connection to the village or surrounding area.  Hastoe Hub will be able to tell you if this applies to your rural property if you are unsure.  Permission will only be given if your exchange partner meets the requirement of the Section 106. 
Please complete the Mutual Exchange Application Form below and forward to your Area Housing Manager.
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