Hastoe Hundreds Club

Our Hastoe Hundreds Club is a key group of resident volunteers that are involved in policy reviews and consultations, with members from across our three regions. It’s an opportunity for residents to have their say without having to attend formal meetings or committees by phone, email or in writing.

In the past, they have given their views on the following areas:

 - @home magazine survey
 - Hastoe Hundreds Club audit
 - Corporate Plan consultation
 - Rent setting policy
 - Income management policy
 - Estate management

More recently, some members have come forward to attend a focus group to help Hastoe develop a writing standard and guide for its staff and for others, their interests led them to attend a conference on greening issues for housing association residents.

Hastoe Hundreds Club is open to all residents so if you’d like to join or find out more information, please fill out the form below or get in touch with Hastoe Hub on 0300 123 2250.

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