Jodiann Johnson - Queen for a Year

Hastoe’s Customer Advisor, Jodiann Johnson, has won first place in this year’s Ms British Beauty Curve competition and she says it’s changed her life.

“I struggled for many years feeling like I was never good enough. A lot of my insecurity came from my appearances, i.e. my weight. I have worked so hard to change from the inside out and I finally feel as though I am making good progress.”

Jodiann has worked hard to win the title but most of all to change the way she thought about herself.

“I won’t tell you how difficult my life has been but I have spent more than half of it being afraid and insecure. Now I don’t even remember the girl who used to hate looking into the mirror. I’m a new person. Winning this crown to me is validation. Not so much in the object but in what it represents. It’s a huge confidence booster, I believe in me again.”

Qualifying in November last year, Jodiann worked hard up to the finals on 24 August 2019.

“I volunteered for charity events, guest-speaking roles, community clean ups, hosted confidence boosting workshops and promoted the pageant on my social media platform.”

On Awards night she won the publicity award for her online presence, and also in the categories of Best Swimwear, Best Glitz and Glamour, and Best Evening Wear.

She will hold the title for one year with duties that range from acting as a role model, being available for events and appearances, and promoting the pageant.

Her immediate engagements include attending the finals of Ms Curvaceous UK, taking part as a model in the House of Ikons Fashion Show, and helping out at the finals of Miss Caribbean UK.

Jodiann says: “Ms British Beauty Curve aims to encourage plus size/curvy women to follow their dreams and to show the world that diversity is beautiful. This aligns with my own values so of course I am honoured to wear this crown and promote this message.”

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