Shared Owenership the Right Solution for Hastoe residents

Kate Carter shares her family's experience of moving into a Hastoe shared ownership home.

This week is Shared Ownership Week (20-26 September).

Shared Ownership is tenure where someone owns a proportion of a home and pays rent on the share they do not own – often to a housing association or local authority.

We asked Kate Carter, who recently moved into a Hastoe shared ownership home with her family in Newport, Essex, what her new shared ownership home means to her and her family.


1. What do you like about your new home?

We love how spacious the house is. The rooms are all a really good size - especially the bedrooms. We love that is semi-detached with parking. Having a downstairs toilet is so helpful - especially with two daughters!

It is a perfect house for our family.

2. What is your connection to the village and why did you apply for a shared ownership home?

We first moved to Newport when we brought our first shared ownership house seven and a half years ago. We had a seven month-old daughter and thought it was the perfect place to raise our family. My husband is a self-employed plumber and gas engineer and his business is now based here and the surrounding areas.

We now have two children and found we had outgrown our first house. Unfortunately due to high house prices, we were not able to buy anything bigger. By chance, I saw an advert for the Hastoe scheme and decided to apply. We were lucky enough to be offered the largest of the shared ownership three bedroom houses.

My mum also moved to the village three years ago to be closer to us and the children go to the primary school in the village. We could not imagine living anywhere else.

3. What sort of accommodation did you have previously before moving in?

We were in a very small three bedroom shared ownership property in Newport. It was a terraced house with very limited parking. The third bedroom did not even fit a standard size single bed! With two growing children we had hugely outgrown the house but were stuck there due to high house prices.


4. Do you find the high energy efficiency standard is making a difference?

We have noticed that the house has stayed lovely and cool during the very hot summer we have had. We have not been here over the winter but we are expecting a huge difference in the insulation compared to our old house. The triple glazing is also excellent at reducing outside noise.

5. What does your house mean to you and those who are important to you?

It has completely changed our lives! In our old home, we were extremely cramped and it felt as if we were all living on top of each other. The children now have lots of space to play in their bedrooms and we have a much needed second toilet and a separate dining room. We didn’t realise how much it would change our quality of living.

6. What does it mean to be able to carry on living in your community?

My children go to primary school in the village and will go to the local secondary school. We have a lovely circle of friends who also live in the village. My husband has a business and a lot of his customers are based in Newport. He does emergency call outs so it’s great we are still nearby.

We love the village and the community here. We cannot imagine living anywhere else. Hastoe have giving us the opportunity to carry on living in the village. Without them, we would have had to have moved a lot further away to find a larger house.

We are so grateful we are able to stay living in the village we love so much.

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