Hastoe publishes its Gender Pay Gap report

Hastoe has a lower Gender Pay Gap than the national average, according to its latest Gender Pay Gap Report.


Hastoe’s mean gender pay gap of 4.4% is far lower than the national average of 17.4%, while the organisation’s median pay gap of 11.5% also compares favourably to the national average gap of 18.4%.


The Gender Pay Gap shows the difference between the earnings of all women compared to those of all men employed by Hastoe. This is different from the legal right to equal pay, which is the right for women and men to be paid the same when doing the same, or equivalent, work.

The full report can be read at this link.

Anne McLoughlin, Hastoe’s Operations Director and Diversity Champion, said:

“It’s good to see Hastoe’s gender pay gap is considerably lower than the national average. But we still have work to do to reduce it further and eliminate it entirely.”

“Although it is not compulsory for Hastoe to publish a Gender Pay Report, as we have fewer than 250 employees, publishing this data is a sign we are committed to pay transparency and eliminating the Gender Pay Gap altogether.”

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