Tenant Perception Survey

We are asking a sample of tenants to share their views on the services we provide through a tenant perception survey that will run from 1-26 July 2024.

10 June 2024

Hastoe is asking a sample of 530 tenants to share their views on the services we provide through a tenant perception survey that will run from 1-26 July 2024. It is important for us to understand how customers feel about the services we provide, to be sure we are delivering them in the way and to the standard that you want.

We have asked an independent organisation, TLF Research, to carry out this survey on our behalf, in line with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct. Anything you tell TLF Research will remain completely confidential unless you specifically ask for it to be shared with Hastoe. TLF will be contacting tenants via telephone, so you may be called and asked to participate. The results of this survey will help us make business decisions and shape future services.

The Regulator of Social Housing requires all registered providers of social housing to generate and report Tenant Satisfaction Measures each year as part of the new Customer Standards framework. These measures combine data generated from:

  • Internal management information
  • Tenant perception surveys


What is a Tenant Perception Survey? The Regulator of Social Housing has created a new system for assessing how well social housing landlords in England are doing at providing good quality homes and services for its tenants.  There are 22 tenant satisfaction measures, covering five themes. 10 of these will be measured by Hastoe directly, and 12 will be measured via a tenant perception survey.  In April 2023 it became a regulatory requirement to start collecting and reporting tenant satisfaction measures. Hastoe will be publishing these findings to show you how they are performing and report them to the Regulator of Social Housing. See the findings for 2023.

Is the survey legitimate? Yes, the survey is being run by TLF Research, an independent research agency, on behalf of Hastoe. TLF Research is a customer satisfaction and loyalty research company based in Huddersfield. Therefore all telephone calls will be from a telephone number with the prefix 01484.

Will my answers be anonymous? Yes, all surveys will be anonymous unless you give your permission for TLF to share this with Hastoe.

What if I want to opt-out? If you would like to opt-out of the survey and not receive any telephone calls, please telephone Customer Services on 0300 123 2250 or log your choice on MyHastoe, so we can offer another resident the opportunity.


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